If you are looking for a healthy alternative to market foods full of additives and preservatives, etc you will find a complete range of choices at Almonte Natural Foods because here we cater to our customerís needs. †

Almong with everyday staple foods that one can purchase in bulk (pasta, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, flours, teas & spices, etc.), Almonte Natural Foods carries refrigerated offerings (dairy and soy-based products, specific breads and flax seeds oils, etc.), specific diet foods free from sugar, salt, wheat and gluten; dairy lactose-free foods, a European gourmet section and many organic foods.

Our vitamin selection is extensive. Only top of the line, and major vitamins companies are carried. We carry Ionic Vitamins and Minerals and Ayurvedic remedies. Some of the products you will find here are from AOR, Sisu, Flora, Bell, Natural Factors, Renew Life, New Roots, Natureís Way, Ionic Vitamins and Minerals, and more.

Almonte Natural Foods also carries a great variety of natural soaps, detergents & cleaners, hair & skin products as well as a full complement of vitamins, herbal and homeopathic remedies. In addition, we also offer natural baby-care products and holistic pet foods and pet remedies.


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